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NIK Software from Google for $149!

For anyone who already uses any of NIK's software, you already know how cool it is. I'm a big fan. I only have two of their plugins but I, almost religiously, use them on every shot I edit. For color … [Read More...]

Fujifilm X100s – now available from BorrowLenses.com

Have you been drooling over the latest in the X series from Fujifilm, the X100s? You're not alone. This camera is receiving much the same level of excitement as the first version, the X100. The X100s … [Read More...]

Canon T2i – Still a good camera!

I've still got my Canon Rebel T2i. I don't really use it much. Sometimes I'll use it for a little behind the scenes shooting at photo shoots. With all this talk about the new Rebels I played around … [Read More...]

Steve Huff’s First Look Video of the New Fujifilm X100s

Haven't heard a single bad word spoken about this new camera (unless you count Steve's scratch on the display). You can also check out Steve Huff's post about this which includes some great low … [Read More...]