Google Plus’ New Layout with Large 16×9 Cover Photo


If you’re already on Google Plus then you’ve seen some big changes this week, regarding your profile page. It really has taken on that bigger, more open, responsive design, offering a very contemporary look and feel.

The biggest change you’ll notice is the new size for your cover photo. It’s too new to say one way or the other if it’s here to stay for very long, but most think it’s a little on the big side.

It’s set to best suit images that make good use of 16:9 ratio. It does command a lot of real estate on your profile page, but I’m actually really liking it. When it comes to photography, bigger is always better (if it’s a good shot). I think this give photographers a nice way to really display their work, and as viewers, lets us really enjoy and get an even better sense of the impressive work our photographer friends are doing.

The above image is a collage I’ve put together for a new cover image. It shows a few of the beautiful models I’ve been lucky enough to work with and the kinds of projects we’ve done together. It will be fun to switch it up often… street photography, some of my shots of my nephew, Noah on our bird feeding adventures…

Not on G+ Yet?

If you are a photographer and you’re not on Google Plus yet, I would highly recommend it. It’s really became a wonderful place for some pretty gifted photographers to hang out, exchange thoughts, ideas, show off projects, etc… Facebook will always be awesome for keeping up with friends and family; Twitter is great for networking with my web design pals; but Google Plus is definitely my favorite network for photography.

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